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Agiltek, with its consolidated thecnology plants, produces base chemicals for the agriculture industry such as copper oxychloride and bordeaux mixture.

The line dedicated to the manufacture of products for electronic industry, involves the production of dedicated solutions, used in the Printed Circuit Boards fabrication and in traditional galvanic processes.

Such products are obtained from the processing of certain types of industrial wastes.

The company is authorized to treat types of waste with the following EWC codes.

All is done with appropriate Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (AIA – IPPC) avaible here.

Agiltek, aiming to continue with a business policy that tends to achieve economic benefits without forgetting the environment, has developed in the last year a new plant for processing the water from the existing production line.

The new plant has the dual purpose of recovering the raw materials needed for its own production processes and drastically reduce the discharge of the wastewater. In particular, it consists of a triple-stage evaporator that allow the wastewater to be concentrated until the crystallization of the dissolved salt.

The crystallized salt are separated by centrifugation and re-used in our production processes.

Even the water from evaporation, after further reverse osmosis purification, is used for the same purposes and, only which eventually exceeds the required quantity, is destined to the public sewerage.

The facility is subject to Notification as art. 13 of D. Lgs. n°105 of 26/06/2015  as a result of exceeding the thresholds for stored hazardous substances referred in note 4 of annex 1, points a, b and c, of Directive 2012/18/UE (Seveso III), therefore the management has drawn up a document that define its major accident prevention policy and implementing a security management system to prevent critical situations. This document is available in the customer area.