Products for agriculture Bordeaux mixture

The Bordeaux mixture is a copper based formulation used as fungicide with preventive action, to avoid the establishment or spread of the pathogen.

The main types of crops in which it is used are:
  • vines and fruit trees (eg. apple tree, pear, peach, cherry, apricot)
  • olive trees
  • strawberries and horticultural crops
  • ornamental plants
  • full-field crops (eg. cereals, rice, tobacco, beetroot)
Unlike the copper oxychloride, this formulation has higher phytotoxicity.
Not all plants have the same tolerance for copper doses higher than physiological needs, which they absorb by way of leaf: for example, vines and pome fruits are more tolerants than stone fruits.
If is necessary to use an "universal" product to treat all kind of plants, the copper oxychloride is the best choice. If necessary to treat only vines, apple trees and other plants with better tolerance to higher copper concentration, the Bordeaux mixture is recommended.

For winter treatments, in absence of leaves, the Bordeaux mixture is more suitable.


Agiltek, depending on customer needs, is able to produce formulations with different concentration of copper and different colour.

In the customers area are avaible: safety data sheet, technical data sheet, REACH registration.